Do’s and don’ts in tweets

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Have you ever thought of the reasons why many relationships fail? Due to social media popularity, people enjoy airing their personal life through hundreds and hundreds of pics. Some celebrity couples couldn’t carry so many opinions. Couples posting mushy posts and pictures of each other in front of millions of people on Twitter. Unfortunately, that’s not a unique story of an unhappy end from a Social Media.

So, here are some do’s and don’ts of tweeting about your life that will help to avoid crushing relationship:

1.DO be picky when posting a photo and avoid certain comments

It is best not to post picturing your dance on a table after a couple of drinks. However, a nice picture of a group of friends in a restaurant is a smart way to show how you spend your free time.

2. DO make minimum posts about your dating

It’s not necessary to tell everyone that tonight you are having a date on a roof of a skyscraper or a yacht. Don’t make your single friends to feel jealous about you happy dating.

3. DO be clear when sending a direct message to your girlfriend/boyfriend

In online chats we frequently experience misunderstanding due to inability to hear a voice and see a facial expression. Be transparent and clear in what you mean, otherwise, a simple “no way” can be interpreted as anger instead of surprise.

4. DON’T go deep into love details

Posting every single minutia about your new relationship will make everyone around watching you online. Getting flowers, having dinner at 8, tasty pizza…concentrate on your date in real rather than tell everyone about the romantic schedule.

5. DON’T do posts about the problems between you and your partner

Sharing problems about your personal life may be a perfect reason to split up. That’s why people say that keeping dirty laundry away from public’s eyes is safer. After solving a problem and carrying on as the happiest couple ever, you will regret about that angry tweet.


6. DON’T analyze tweets

If you have just started a new relationship and keep posting messages on your new partner’s page, don’t scroll it and try to find sense in tweets from other people. Don’t judge him/her by posts and don’t keep track of other people’s tweets, as it will give you a headache – nothing more. You may misunderstand a funny tweet on someone’s page, which will make you have a wrong opinion about your new sympathy.

7. DON’T compare your romance to other users

If you read about someone just getting a proposal, having a baby, buying a new house or having holidays on a sandy beach by a green ocean, such cloudless posts can make you feel unhappy about your relationship. You will win if you give a call to your sweetie and have a nice chat. Remember, there is no perfect relationship 24/7 and catching only blissful moments on Tweeter is just one side of a coin.

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