It’s time to make First Move, Girls!

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Most women who’ve been dating a while can agree that men are notoriously slow when it comes to making the first move. You can wait days, weeks and sometimes even months for him to reach out to you, while you sit like a big ball of nerves agonising over whether he’s ever going to text you. It’s time to change that old-school thinking and show the men how it’s done. Why wait when you could save both of you the stress of wondering if the other party is interested. The ball is in your court so make your move. Here’s why you should be the one to get flirty first.

He’s Hopeless When It Comes To Flirting

Ever gone fishing? You throw out the line with bait dangling for the fish to latch onto and hope for the best. Sometime you’ll get a bite and catch a real winner and other times you’ll come home empty-handed. But getting a bite takes practice and time. Flirting is much the same. Your dream guy could be a dreadful flirt and have no idea what he is doing when it comes to reeling you in. But the skills required to initiate a relationship are very different to the skills it takes to sustain the relationship for the long haul. Chances are he’s great at the sustaining part but struggles to break the ice, so help the poor guy out by making the first move. Plus, a guy who’s super attentive to you and a hopeless flirt is a real catch if you think about it – there’s no way he’s going to have a wandering eye.

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He’s Intimidated By You

You’ve dressed up in a tight-fitting dress that hugs your curves in all the right places and you’ve got on those killer heels that make you feel like a million dollars. So imagine how your admirer must feel when he glances at you from across the bar. You’ve probably got his heart racing and his palms all sweaty. And he’s 99.9% thinking that you’re way out of his league. No guy likes to get his ego deflated when a beautiful woman turns down his advances (I mean, it’s got to hurt, right?). So it’s highly likely he’d rather protect his ego and just avoid putting himself out there. If you, however, catch him glancing at you and you are attracted to him, it’s time for you to make the first move. Head on over to him and break the ice by joking that you’ve noticed him checking you out. He’ll be relieved that you’ve provided him with an opportunity to chat to you.

He’s Recently Suffered Rejection

If a guy has recently had his heart broken by a long-term love, it’s very unlikely he’s willing to open himself up to rejection again by being the one that makes the first move. If you know the guy you quite fancy has recently been dumped, make him feel at ease by starting up a general conversation to get to know each other. This will help him see you’re genuine and build trust – something that may be hard for him given the recent events in his love life. Steer the conversation in the direction of weekend plans to see if he’s open to hanging out with you again. It’s a subtle way of prompting a hesitant guy to ask you out – without him even realising what you’re doing.

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He Finds Confidence Sexy

Ask any guy to list what traits make a woman sexy and confidence always features. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is sure of herself and bold enough to go after what she wants. It proves you’re self-assured and independent, not looking to others for validation – you’re a fearless female and guys find that hot as hell. As if you needed another reason to make your move?

You may have been under the impression this whole time that because he’s not making a move to get to know you, it’s a sign he is not interested in you. I think you’ve realised by now that couldn’t be further from the truth. They may have to act all macho all the time but guys can get nervous and intimidated too – just like us ladies! And why wait for life to ‘just happen’ (which means you’re not creating the life you envision) when you could action what you want for yourself right now? It takes courage and confidence to put yourself out there and not everyone has the guts to do that. So be bold, go forth and go after what you want – guys everywhere will be thanking their lucky stars.

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