Love, Paris and a bottle opener

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bottle opener 1

Sometimes the only reason I get up from my bed is the thought that I need to find myself a date for the week end. I live in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, and finding a date to have a coffee together or sometimes something more is a hobby of almost every single girl in this city. And we all, single girls, have a dream. We are all dreaming to get into the place where we can find a lot of singles males at the same time. But me….I already have such a place…it is Hitwe.

It’s not easy to find a nice man according to your taste. And of course to get in touch with him directly in the street or in a café when you see him with friends, or even his girlfriend. It happens ridiculously often. So when all my options of possible places where I could potentially meet cute guys including but not limited to parks, libraries, office, home parties ran out I was almost desperate to find a place where I could meet nice guys preferably at one hit for the sake of timesaving.

Having an impression that there is no more fish in the ocean I decided to turn to the limitless resources of world network and play all in. That day changed my approach to dating forever.

I was lucky from my very first time. Within a couple of hours on Hitwe I came across HIS profile. We started the conversation and invited me for a coffee. It was so easy to set a date!


He turned out to be taller than I thought he would be, more handsome than on the photos even more French than a foreign girl like me could imagine. That evening at the bar the words ‘energy, government, contract negotiating’ and others related to his speech about his work seemed to me so sexy. He spoke a little bit of Russian and even sang me not too much banal Russian song. I couldn’t believe my luck and for a good reason.

The next 5 dates were as great as the first one and I was so excited for the continuation and so was he. I agreed to finally have a look at his collection of bottle openers (such a French collection, isn’t it?) in his apartment. After having used the bottle openers to open a couple bottles of wine, I discovered that his own bottle opener is the smallest one that I have ever seen. It was so small that even my hard commitment couldn’t help to make my bottle opened. My partner, on the contrary, seemed to enjoy the moment and was looking absolutely satisfied. After some even harder attempts I had to admit that it was the most epic private collection show in my life.

The next day he offered me serious relationship and said he never met such a wonderful woman. It was the moment of glory but I knew whenever we would use this bottle opener my bottle would still remain closed. It was so said that I burst into tears and didn’t stopped until the next day.

It took me two weeks, one best friend, 16 horror movies and 2 kilograms of extra wait gained by tones of eaten ice cream to get over this and to realize that there is actually more fish in the ocean.

To be continued.

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