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Chatting with your friends online is the easiest option to keep in touch. If you don’t have free time to meet, having chats during the day is a smart idea. Also, you must be having fun by sending smiles and winks to someone you like online. However, sometimes a little mistake can make you feel very uncomfortable. Imagine that you mistakingly send a dirty joke to a girl who you flirt with instead your old buddy…that can make you shrink. You can’t erase or delete the message, it’s sent.

Check on and learn about 4 online dating bloopers to avoid uncomfortable situations and remember to correct mistakes quickly!

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  1. A mistaken click

Sarah and Connor met each other on one of dating services and turned out to be mutually attractive. After a couple of chatting to each other days, they decided to meet in person. The date went perfect! However, after the date, Connor stopped answering phone calls and emails…”I didn’t know what to think and I was completely frustrated as I couldn’t understand why he behaved that way” Sara says.

Being totally angry about the situation and Connor in particular, she drafted an email with all swear words she knew. She just composed a blistering letter but she didn’t send it.

When Sarah opened her e-mail box the next day at work, she saw the message and was tending to delete it while her phone started ringing. She answered the phone and clicked “send” button by mistake. Obviously, Connor has got the letter and had a unique opportunity to see what she thought of him. Sarah was horrified and sent an apology to free herself from a bad karma (just in case). For good or bad Connor never got back to her.

Lesson to learn: If the person you like doesn’t respond it is clear that your feelings are not mutual. Online dating researches say that web dating mistakes happen all the time because humans are very dependent on email. So, emailing and social chatting prove to be efficient. However, use your phone after a real date.

  1. Fast forwarding

Susan was chatting to a nice guy for quite a long time, so she told her best friend about her new flirtation. She wrote something like “He is the guy I really like. He looks cute, and a bit silly-billy, what do you think?” However, she got confused and responded the message to the guy, not to her best friend Lizzy. She had a cold feeling in her stomach when she realized that the e-mail address she had sent the message to was wrong.

Susan decided to solve the situation as soon as possible, so she composed a letter to the guy, asking to accept her apology as she took the term schnooky-pootsy from Tibetian. Thankfully, her flirtation had a good sense of humour, so they both laughed.

Lesson to learn: High-speed of sending messages can end up like Susan’s story and you will have to apology for the misunderstanding. Check your writing before sending it to the person you like!

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  1. Destroying threads

Monica was planning a birthday party. She asked her boyfriend Tom to send messages to their close friends asking about plans for the weekend. Tom forwarded Monika the whole thread chat with friends but he didn’t notice that one of the friends gave unflattering comments about his girlfriend.

Lesson to learn: If you send message threads, think twice if all of the people you include to chat should read it. If you send a joke or a rumour to 10 friends, be prepared that a few may not like it. Better use private messages as it will save you from explaining yourself.

  1. Dry humour

Sometimes a funny picture, joke or a phrase can make your day. Humour is an important detail in friendship and relationship, especially when you don’t have time to meet, so you send each other funny stuff.

A short and sad story of James happened within a minute after he decided to share a funny (to his mind) religious satire with the girl he liked on the dating service. As a respond, she blocked him and never heard from again…

Lesson to learn: Don’t send jokes about religion and politics. We all have opinions and the view in these fields can be stronger than a friendship and relationship. It doesn’t mean that you should stop being funny but you shouldn’t push the boundaries of your jokes too far. In case, you have already offended someone with your silly joke, apologize and change the subject.

Try not to repeat those nasty bloopers when chatting to people online!

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