Kissing And Its Special Effects

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Have you ever wondered why we kiss? Or what is the difference between a romantic and an erotic kiss? Do you know what the effects of kissing upon our bodies are?

Scientists believe that the purpose of kissing is to assess a mate, and to charm him/her with the erotic fireworks and win the mating game. But from 88 cultures studied, only in 40% of them do men and women kiss erotically. The erotic kiss, as opposed to the kiss of friendship, respect, parent-child or courtesy, is recognized in most cultures around the world. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced the awkwardness, confusion, excitement, and pleasure of it.

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Various opinions about the effects of lip kiss

But kissing may also be seen as a direct tool for seduction. Saliva contains testosterone (the hormone of sexual desire), maybe that is why men are prone to kissing erotically than women.

It is believed that in the past kissing was a mechanism to gather information about a potential sexual partner. Our faces have glands that secret chemicals filled with immunological and genetic information, while our saliva carries hormonal messages. Kissing brings us close enough to taste and smell them. Even a person’s breath, the feel of their teeth or the taste of their lips send signals about their hygiene and health and, therefore, their procreative suitability.

Another hypothesis would be that a kiss works mainly on the level of psychology, as a method to reinforce feelings of closeness, trust and intimacy. Studies also showed that kissing a long-term partner increases the levels of oxytocin, a chemical in the brain associated with the feelings of an emotional union, trust and attachment.

This theory is more common with what most people believe; that kissing is a means of sexual stimulation and seduction. Men prefer wetter kisses, with more involvement of the tongue (a phallic organ). The image of the tongue penetrating the moist open mouth has a clear resemblance to intercourse and therefore a sexual imaging.

Kissing effects

Kissing erotic has many health benefits that not many are aware of. Kissing not only feels good but is also reduces blood pressure, by dilating the vessels and allowing the blood to flow and get to all vital organs in a more efficient way.

Kissing also releases the happy hormones, like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine and boosts your self-esteem. A study showed that men who kissed erotically before going to work earned more money.

It also helps you burn calories (8-16 calories with a vigorous kiss) and tone your facial muscles. You also boost your immune system, strengthening the body’s defense mechanism against various bacteria found in saliva. Kissing also relieves stress, lowers cholesterol and leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

Who knew that kissing has so many health benefits?

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