Independence as a Must Be for Women over 30

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Everyone has probably questioned themselves: “Is it possible to be independent in a relationship? Isn’t it contradictory to pursuing a common goal?” The answer is, personal independence is essential.

Just because you are a couple does not mean you have to become this Amorphous blob of sameness.

You should remain two separate parts of a whole. Similar to a delicious pizza. Half can be pepperoni and half can be green peppers. They are both part of the same pizza and can be either enjoyed separately or together. It is difficult to all but lose yourself in a new and exciting love. However, with these five tips you’ll learn how to be independent in a relationship .

Keep a Hobby

There had been a time before you came in this relationship and you did all sorts of things to pass the time. Re­find an old hobby that you had when you were single. Having separate hobbies is a way to strengthen your relationship . If biking is your thing, join a local biking club to go on rides with every week. This way you are enjoying something you love, learning new things, meeting new people, and being independent in a relationship . Or you can find a new hobby! Take a class on something that challenges you. But this time, do it alone, not with your partner. Discover your talents in this field on your own and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.
Girls Night. No one understands the importance of a GNO,Girls Night Out, like someone in a relationship. Just because you are in love does not mean you need to be breathing down each other’s backs 24/7. It is important to maintain strong relationships, other than your significant other, in your life. Having a group of women that build you up, celebrate you, and know how to make a mean cocktail is a key way you can be more independent in a relationship . It is just as important to have Girls Nights as it is to have date nights. The classic cosmos at happy hour does not have to be your girls night either. A girls night is defined by who you are with, not what you are doing. You can paint together, walk together, or do yoga together and it is just if not more fulfilling than drinks on the town.

Take Alone Time

Before you were a couple, you were two single people. I bet you spent time alone. Not in a sad pathetic country song way, but a freeing and independent way. Being alone is another way to strengthen your relationship . Audrey Hepburn said it best, “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.” There is a fine line between being lonely and being alone. Once you find your peace, take the time to gain strength from that quiet and bring it back home to your relationship for your significant other.

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Speak Your Mind

When you see a couple you see a pair. In that pair should be two free and independent thinking individuals. The best part of dating over thirty is finding someone that your can continue to grow with, someone that brightens your candle, not someone that makes it dim. Independent people in relationships find a way to speak their mind. Communication is in large part the holy grail of success in relationships. Let your partner know where you stand on certain subjects. Do not be afraid if you disagree with him.

Honor Yourself

You are your greatest relationship. It is imperative that you remember this. Do not waiver on your morals, your values, or your beliefs to please another person. Loving someone is accepting them as they are. If you find you are losing yourself, be more independent in a relationship. You can love someone without talking to them all day, everyday. Create a defined level of independence for yourself and your partner. Once you are both clear. Be happy and live the balanced romantic life we all deserve to live.

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