Guidelines to Dating an Introvert

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They lurk among us in libraries, coffee shops, and small boutiques. Unbenounced to you one of your pals very well might be an introvert. The classic description of a socially awkward introvert that avoids socializing at all costs is only a small percentage of this personality type. Yes,they can be found at home, alone; but for the most part they are everywhere.
You yourself may be one or even your mate. Did you ever wonder how the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing works? Well, it is all about balance. So to that extent it makes sense that one of you is an extrovert and one an introvert. Although this is not always the case, it is more frequent than we know.

As in dating any personality type, dating an introvert comes with a few obstacles. Do not let the phrase “introvert” spook you from dating this type of individual. They are not weirdos or leapers; introverts just prefer solitude above all else. Dating introverts is not impossible, the territory of introversion just comes with a few simple guidelines.

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me…actually please don’t

Most young people can be found glued to their mobile devices or tablets. However, when dating an introvert steer clear of over texting them. Phone calls are anxiety inducing for them but so is texting too many times in a day. The need to answer and respond with grace but also urgency is just completely unsettling for this personality type. The need for constant communication is not in the cards for introverts. So, if you find yourself dating someone that prefers to interact less than the average frequency, don’t worry, they don’t hate you…they just hate talking.

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A horse walks into a bar…

No, stop it. Small talk is the LAST thing you should do. Dating for introverts 101: avoid small talk, including cheesy jokes that make everyone feel awkward. Part of being classified as an introvert is feeling anxiety when speaking to others. This includes but is not limited to, small talk, confrontation, and large social events. The idea of mingling at a large party is a crippling feeling. They may come off as rude to some but common social graces and mingling are major anxiety inducing things that need to be avoided for the mental health and general well­being of your partner­­the introvert.

It’s not you, It’s me

Everyone enjoys “quiet time” or “alone time” here and there. But, w hat an introvert really needs in a partner is someone that knows they are loved and cared for but will leave them alone from time to time. Introverts need space to be by themselves in order to maintain a sane existence. This is a huge part of dating an introvert. Set aside time each week for both of you to take time to do something alone you enjoy. You both will be better for it.

“I wanna hold your hand.”

The Beatles sing it best, it’s what we are all thinking on a first date that is going well, “I wanna hold your hand.” In the case of introverts however, you may need to make the first move. They probably want to hold your hand or kiss you even, but as anxiety ensues so does doubt. Go for it! If you want a kiss, kiss. If you want to hold hands, hold hands. You have to make the first move, dating for introverts is more simple than you think. Just take the reigns and you will be fine.
These four guidelines for dating are simple, to the point, and will give you great success when you go on your next date. Introverts dating is such a daunting experience, the easier you make it on your partner the greater chance of getting to know the real them you will have. Introverts may be hard to crack but once you do…they will love you for the rest of your days.

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