Anti-Classic Dating Profile Cliches

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It does not take long to spot online dating cliches upon profiles of potential suitors. They are in your face and just plain cheesy. Everyone likes romantic candle­lit dinners. That is not something that makes you stand­out from the crowd, and the online dating crowd is huge. Some people will not even scroll down to read your profile if you have a bad opener. Reddit user, Thewalex2 6 states, “‘princess looking for her prince charming’? That one also irks me.” That is a classic dating profile cliche. In order to meet your match there are key words and phrases that you need to avoid so that your profile will stand­out to get a ping or wink…whatever the currency for a response is on your chosen dating site.

I have compiled a list of five most­ used clichés along with tips for avoiding them:

1. Cliché: “I don’t know what to put here.” Are you genuinely clueless, or are you trying to be funny? Either way…cut it out. The thought of what to write in any given section of a profile is a process for all human beings. This is not supposed to be a stream of consciousness.

Alternative: Take your time. Be witty. And put a genuinely well thought out answer. That is the glory of online dating. You can take you time to put creative and genuine answers. Make your profile the best version of yourself. Really take a look at what you want and need in a partner before you click, ”Enter”.


2. Cliché: I love to travel. Do you? Where? This online dating cliche is code for I have traveled one time and I want to go again. There is no breadth or depth to this profile bullet point. Greg Hendricks echoes this complaint. “People who put this in their profile are trying to sound adventurous and diverse, but in actuality, they sound just like every other profile.”

Alternative: It has always been “cool” to travel and our generation specifically has taken to spending their savings on trips to Italy and Africa to experience life rather than putting a down payment on a house. With that said, there are better ways to explain your wanderlust than this bland phrase. If you genuinely travel all the time then maybe name a few of your favorite spots and why you love them. What makes your travels so special and why should I date you because of them? That is how you will get article reads, not with a cliche dating profile. You can also mention how traveling with a partner would be a much more valuable experience, this way suitors will know you don’t love to travel because you’ve seen it all. You love to travel and you want to find someone to see it all with.

3. Cliché: “My Philosophy is…” Unless you are reading the online dating profile of Plato himself it is doubtful that anything related to actual Philosophy follows with this opener.

Alternative: There are better ways to explain your life’s mantra than using this opener. Talking about your interests and goals in life is a nice way to get “your philosophy” across without sounding like you are trying too hard. Online dating cliches can really hurt your profile and are more of a turn off than you may know. Talk about your ambitions, your desires, your needs and if someone clicks with all of them or even some; they are a good match. You are wasting everyone’s time if you are trying to be someone you’re not on your profile.


4. Cliché: The tall tale. “I like it when the guys mention their height, I don’t like to date men under six feet,” says Mary from Georgia. The dating cliche that women like men over six feet tall is very real. Due to that fact, men often lie to get their profile read.

Alternative: Like I said before. Be honest. If you are not over six feet tall or just kissing the line, say so. If you plan to meet your date in person eventually they will soon find out your short secret. Rather than typing that you are a tall and strapping young man you can highlight other attributes you have that will stand out. Do not fixate on height, this is a superficial quality that is not a deal breaker if you have a genuine connection.

5. Cliché: I like going out and staying in. “In other words, you like existing,” jokes serial online dater Willard Foxton. This profile description is contradictory as well as unoriginal.

Alternative: You are allowed to enjoy a night out as much as you do a night in with Netflix and drive­thru dinners but typically this can come across as, ‘I love going out all the time but to make it seem like I’m not a drunk I’ll say I stay home sometimes too.’ There is no wrong answer for what you like to do. Again, be honest and forthcoming about your after work activities. Some people like to go to concerts on weekends or hikes and others enjoy reading a book and having tea in a quiet living room. Be definitive about your hobbies to correctly explain your persona.

Shakira sang it best, “My hips don’t lie…” and neither should your profile. Dating site cliches are the Achille’s heel of modern day dating. Ultimately, they are the worst and truly do no good for either side of the screen. You are doing yourself a disservice by having any of these in your dating profile. Do not become a statistic, sign on to your dating site account and do a quick run through. I bet you there are a surprising number of cliches right on your own profile that slipped between your fingers. Avoid it, fix it and go find someone that genuinely takes the time to explain themselves in their profile.

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