Don’t Mind If I Taboo?

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A Brief Look Into Taboo Dating Habits That We All Fall Prey To

Taboo is such a strong word. Say it slow “Taaa­booo.” There, are you laughing a little? Maybe that will take some power out of this word that has haunted couples for years. Dating leaves you with much uncertainty, will they call back, are they my soul mate, did they like my hair? But one thing is certain, everyone has a mental taboo list to encapsulate their ideal relationship. What is a taboo relationship? Simply stated, it is a relationship that society has deemed unacceptable.

Looking For “The One” Can Leave You With “No One”

Thanks to romantic comedies, the notion of finding “the one” has been planted in the hearts and minds of young men and women everywhere. There is a real chance that one person exists for everyone. We all have the potential to find love. However, we need to wake up and realize that not everyone will find “the one” with such cinematic grandeur. A classic d ating taboo move is to break up with someone before you get to know them simply because there were no butterflies or fireworks on the first date.

Movie Choices

A love of movies is a quality that stretches through all ages and genders. But what happens when a man that you are dating replies with a taboo movie list on his profile? Take a breath, watch one with him and see if you like it too. Movies are only deemed “taboo” because they are outside the social norm. This does not make them BAD or NAUGHTY; they are just different. This does not have to be a deal breaker, just keep an open mind.

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Too Cougar or Not Too Cougar

Age is but a number…as long as they are over eighteen. A lot of men and women are unable to find love within the socially acceptable age window. A man over fifty cannot date a woman in her thirties without being seen as perverted. On the contrary, if a woman in her fifties dates a hot young thing she is “empowered?” How is this any different? Because, as a society we have made the notion of men dating younger women in the category of taboo relationships, on par with sleeping with your first cousin. Now that’s not fair. Love transcends age, gender, and creed.

I’m In Love With My Best Friend’s Ex

Alert! Alert! We have a flag on the play. You have fallen for the ONE person you are restricted from dating. There is no actual law stopping you from dating your best friend’s ex, it is yet another example of a taboo dating. There is no stopping chemistry. There may be a reason your bestie and her ex did not work out. Obviously there is a cooling off period after a break­up but if he still gets your stomach in knots after a few weeks…make a move. You and your own ideas of dating taboos are the only thing stopping you from being with someone that could turn out to be your soulmate. Wanting to date this guy does not make you a bad person, it just makes you a person, a regular person looking for love.

Is She a He?

The idea of gender fluidity has always been present. Not until recently it has been a dating taboo that not many people have been willing to speak freely about. As it remains, more people than you think are living r eal life taboo stories. For example, a trans­woman before surgery is still anatomically a male. Why is it only socially acceptable to date someone post­op? Does it make you gay if you fall in love with someone of the same gender but identifies as another? Love is love. Gender is a poor way to define who you can and can not fall in love with. Taboo dating brings shame to people and it shouldn’t. You cannot help who you fall in love with and what you like. Do what you need to do to make you happy. Taboos be damned.

In short, we are all living a real taboo story. There will always be some boundary that needs to be broken in the name of love. If it’s not age then it is gender and if it is not gender then it is something else. In short, society has put in a small box what is acceptable and what is not and we need to take that box, smash it with a sledgehammer and go love one another.

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