Dating a woman vs dating a girl

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If you’re being honest with yourself, most men want to date a woman not a girl. And the sad fact of the matter is it can be hard to find a partner who is all woman. With the trend of women “not feeling like adulting” (yup, apparently it’s a thing), there are growing numbers of immature women who are in a perpetual state of adolescence, simply refusing to face the big bad world. So if she says she doesn’t feel like “adulting” today, take it as one of the many signs of immaturity in a woman.
Unfortunately, when it comes to female maturity, age is but a number. Her behaviour around and interactions with males is predetermined by her upbringing. If she grew up in a loving home and saw healthy relationships, it’s likely she will have blossomed into a confident woman. But a rocky relationship with her parents is one of the signs of a needy woman. Females, obviously, can’t help how they were brought up but they do have a level of control over how they let their past affect their behaviour and world view.

It is easier than you’d imagine to distinguish between the maturity levels of a woman and a girl. Women tend to have a different perception of the world and their surroundings. They understand it better and boldly interact with it. Girlish charm wears thin over time. You want a lady by your side who will be there with you through the good times and the bad, who is strong enough to support you at your best and worst. So to avoid getting caught up in a dead-end relationship, here are 8 dead giveaways she’s a hot-blooded woman.

1. Women speak their minds

Women are very aware of the fact that men cannot read minds. And because they know this – unlike a girl who will get frustrated and retaliate by being passive-aggressive – a woman understands the importance of good communication. She is not afraid to express her innermost feelings and thoughts because she knows her guy is pretty unlikely to ever pick up on the hints she keeps dropping (bless his heart).

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2. Women know when to stop

There is probably nothing more unattractive than a “woo-girl.” You know the girl who slams down her shot glass and yells “whooooo!” like she’s just achieved some great success. At the end of the night her friends will have to carry her out of the bar because she’s so wasted. That’s a girl. A woman knows her limits and doesn’t lose control. She can still act like a classy lady, even a few wines down the line. This is probably one of the biggest signs of an immature woman.

3. Women don’t need to bare it all to be sexy

Women get that wearing a top as a dress and tottering around in sky high heels does not make them sexy. Women know that being confident and comfortable in their own skin is sexier to a man than the shortest leather mini skirt. A woman is not afraid to be authentic, a girl hides behind a façade of make-up, hairspray and heels she can’t even walk in.

4. Women use their discretion on social media

There is nothing more boring and nausea-inducing than girls who feel the need to broadcast their romances all over Instagram and Facebook. You know the one who instantly states she’s “in a relationship” and “so in love with sweet-cheeks” after what, 5 minutes of dating? A woman is too busy living in the moment to worry about bragging on social media. She also knows her man probably doesn’t give a damn about social media and barely remembers he actually has a Facebook account.

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5. Women stay away from garbage television

A lot of girls out there are glued to reality television nonsense that men find absolutely abhorrent (The Bachelor, anyone?). Women choose their television shows selectively and like to have a mix of shows that keep them informed and add value – in other words they like substance. The odd rom-com or drama is fine, but when that’s all you watch, you can start to think what you’re seeing is what real life is supposed to be. That’s why girls are never happy, girls are always trying to reach an unrealistic, unattainable ideal. A woman, however, will probably not even have heard or be bothered about Kim Kardashian burning Taylor Swift over Snapchat. She’s got far bigger things to focus her energy on. If all she can watch is The Kardashians and Dance Moms, it’s time for you to date a woman not a girl.

6. Women are top-notch conversationalists

Most girls couldn’t be bothered about current affairs and may struggle to hold an intellectual conversation. Many are so absorbed by social media and pop-culture that they have no real hobbies or interests, so conversation soon runs dry. Women are sharp and well-read. They do hot yoga, running and take cooking classes. They always have something interesting to tell you and they have solid opinions about global events, religion and important topics like kids and education. But she’ll also be happy to hear your views, she’s not pig-headed like a girl. Basically, a woman is like a unicorn…she is fascinating.

7. Women are always trying new things

Women love to have new and exciting experiences. Be it trying a new, exotic food, taking up a new sport, making new friends or going on an adventure, they are always game and up for the challenge. They understand you only get one life and focus on living it to the fullest. Girls may think they need a man to guide them along the way and “complete” their lives, but with that attitude they will never feel fulfilled.

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8. Women are independent

To a man, there is nothing sexier than a woman who can look after herself. She isn’t afraid to buy a house on her own and build a life there alone. She doesn’t need a man’s money or his validation to make her feel secure. She is self-assured and knows where she’s headed, because she’s at the mast. A girl prefers to have it all done for her. To have the man buy the house and support her luxe lifestyle so she doesn’t have to work.

So guys, it’s time to stand up and say, “I need a woman not a girl!” and actively start searching for the assertive, passionate and headstrong woman who will make the best partner you’ve ever had. Who knows, it could be the start of your forever-after.

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