How to Approach a Girl on a Dating Site

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Online dating is filled with an overwhelming amount of beautiful women and gives you the luxury of having well thought out chats and responses because the return time in chat is not as immediate.

Luckily for you, there are four no­fail ways on how to woo a girl online so she will allow you to pursue her further than just a delightful chat.

1. Cheese pairs well with wine; not icebreakers

Online dating sites have many cheesy ways to approach a woman that you are choosing to pursue. Avoid these games at all cost. They in no way show interest or create a chance to begin a conversation. ‘Winks’ or ‘Pokes’ are immature. If you want to court a girl online save yourself the embarrassment and do not take the easy way out and send her a quick ‘wink.’ You come off as lazy and fearful. Is that really how you want to make your first impression on a woman?

No, that’s what I thought. Take time to compose a loving and compassionate email that is short and sweet but will make you stand out from the other ‘winkers.’ Your first interaction with a woman online is key to successfully pursuing her. Gorgeous women receive countless messages and pokes all day long. Make sure your message gets her to hit reply and not ignore.

2. Don’t Cut & Paste

I know the idea of mass emailing thirty women the same message sounds like it is a good idea, I mean it is fast, and reaches the masses. But, there is the problem right there. Do you want to meet the masses or do you want to meet a quality woman with a lot to offer. The best way to approach a girl online is to compose a thoughtfully personalized email especially for her. Make her feel that you have taken the time to read her profile and gotten to know her. That is how you get a response, not copy and pasting the same message to dozens of pretty women.

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3. I read that you enjoy painting

What to say when meeting a girl online is more simple than you would assume. Women respond to men that take an interest in something that they love. And even more so when what they love corresponds with one of your hobbies. For example, a woman may mention she enjoys painting in watercolor. You can drop a line about how there is a nice riverwalk near this restaurant you think she would love. Invite her to dinner and then offer to watch her paint on the riverwalk while you adore her beauty. See, it’s simple. Just take five extra minutes of effort and you will have her hooked.

4. Compliment but do not OVER do it.

Women that are beautiful typically hear it all the time. They are used to phrases that include but are not limited to, “Your eyes are so intoxicating.” or “You have the most beautiful face I have seen in my entire life.” Yes, complimenting a woman is fantastic but be different. Go beyond the exterior. How to get a girl online 101 is getting to know her before you speak one word to her. Pay attention to her profile, use it to your advantage. When dating in­person you do not have all of this gold sitting at your fingertips. Read. Read. Read. And then win over the woman of your dreams…or the woman you want for now.

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