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When you post your profile at one of the dating services, you try to magnet attention, therefore, dates. However, not every advert is the same: some hit the love jackpot while some carry on very slowly without any great results. We started to wonder, is there any secret for successful advertising on a dating site? So, here you will find some amazing answers to your questions and tips that will help you to promote your profile among other thousands!

  1. Make your profile unique

When it comes to guys and gals dating profiles, most of them use words beautiful, handsome, funny, and cheerful to describe themselves. So, it means that 90% of all people on dating site are the same. It definitely doesn’t sound very attractive. You need to create the original welcoming and introduction. Look through other web daters’ profiles and make yours one unique. Tell what you like to do for fun or use a phrase from a film to describe your character.

  1. Add winning photos

Apart from a convincing description of yourself, don’t forget about photos. The image of you must be eye-catching. Online dating is visual, so make sure your profile will not get lost somewhere behind great pictures. The author of “Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School” Rachel Greenwald, suggests having a professional photo set for a cover photo and some nice and casual shots for the album. Don’t post old pictures!!! Use recent shots just with your face and including the body, so your future flirtations can get the right idea of you.

  1. Avoid serious mood, just a laid-back attitude

If you take yourself too seriously, you may have some troubles with getting attention and dates. Don’t describe yourself in a long and boring paragraph and avoid describing the person you want to find as serious, reliable and gorgeous because it is an old-fashion. Today, humorous and easy-going daters win.  So, no list of adjectives just a simple and casual welcoming text, like “Would you like to join me at jazz festival this weekend?”

  1. A bunch of aspects

If you post only a nice picture or write a good joke that will draw people, it is not enough for the success you aim for. You should think about the whole picture: profile image, introduction, messages, phone conversation, dating skills and so on. If someone liked your picture – good, now you have to start with e-mails and attract your new sympathy more. Keep moving: have a great phone chat and it will lead you to a date guaranteed. Think about your experience in the past and make sure you won’t repeat the same mistakes this time.

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5: Be specific in your approach

Cut phrases like “I really like your picture” or “You look nice”. They won’t surprise anyone these days and you unlikely get a respond. Be specific when you want to get attention back. For example, you may say that you are impressed with someone’s cooking skills, sports achievements or travel experience. Find unique information about a person in his/her profile and compliment it. No doubts, you new flirtation will separate you from the crowd and show you respect.

6: No spreading but targeting

If you really want to find a match, you need to be specific and say what you really want, like and do. Saying things like “I don’t care about restaurants, I like all types of food” or “I don’t care, I like both staying in and going out” you will not attract someone who can become a good match for you. Instead, you should express your likes and dislikes. Maybe some of your current chat friends will drive away after hearing your strong views but your chance to find someone like you for dating and relationship will increase.

Any dating site is the place where you need to show yourself off, visually and by words that should be honest and clear. Good luck!

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