4 Steps To A Scene-Stealing Online Dating Profile

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Putting yourself out there on an online dating site can feel scary and intimidating. The competition is rife and you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. But where do you even begin? Believe it or not you can make yourself over online with a profile that sets you apart from the masses and attracts the right kind of attention, with a few tweaks across your existing profile. Professional online profiles are short and sweet, visually appealing and include interesting, attention-grabbing information. With our top 4 tips, you’ll have the best online dating profile in no time. Say hello to your happily-ever-after!

1. Avoid clichés and nonspecific language

Many online dating newbies feel that listing a bunch of fluffy adjectives will do the trick when it comes to painting a clear picture of the type of person they are. But using generic descriptions like “out-going and bubbly” or “fun” comes across as very ordinary and doesn’t help your odds of finding your perfect match – your potential partner has probably fallen asleep before even finishing the sentence! But don’t give up hope just yet – with a bit of fine-tuning you can stand out in a sentence.

The remedy is to find a way to use those traits creatively by showing potential matches how you bring them to life. An online profile example is, “Nothing makes me feel more content than spending quality time with loved ones, whether it’s at my nephew’s football match or at your parent’s cookout.” This communicates, loud and clear, that family is important to you, without stating the obvious. Or if you’re a romantic, perhaps describe the perfect date scenario to paint a picture of what life with you would be like. It also becomes a talking point for potential partners when they pluck up the courage to get in touch with you.

2. Create a balanced profile

Good online profiles generally strike the perfect balance between describing oneself and then describing what the person is looking for in a partner. In general, men dedicate the majority of their writing space to describing themselves and how wonderful they are. Women, on the other hand, tend to downplay their chance to do a little bragging by rather choosing to focus on describing their perfect partner – often a long list of what they want and don’t want.
The key is to start your profile off with a decent blurb about yourself – this gives your partner points to talk about when they reach out to you or on your first date! When it comes to describing your ideal mate, ditch the laundry list of petty requirements, like “must have dark hair” or “dreamy green eyes only” or “absolutely NO tattoos”. Of course there are some deal-breakers such as smoking or other lifestyle choices which you must state clearly – there’s no use wasting time on somebody who may repulse you. But don’t sweat the small stuff – you could have scared off your future husband/wife before even giving them a fair chance!


3. Streamline your information

Have you ever come across a dating profile where the author got a little too verbal in describing themselves and their perfect match? You just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling only to find the profile is a bottomless pit of boring and repetitive information. Your eyes most probably glaze over a little before you’re even a quarter of the way through. If your profile is a mini thesis, it’s likely you’ve fussed over every word that made its way onto your page, terrified you may misrepresent yourself – so you’re hesitant to part with any of the words you’ve spewed out on your profile.

Professional online profiles are polished and edited to a few short paragraphs designed to entice the potential partner into wanting to contact you to find out more. If you already mentioned you’re a hot yoga fan in the ‘interests’ section, don’t bring it up again in the description section. Rather introduce fresh information in paragraphs of 3-4 sentences that will allow the reader to absorb the information and encourage them to contact you to delve a little deeper into what makes you tick. As a rule of thumb, the experts suggest two paragraphs describing yourself, two describing your mate and then a few sentences at the end to wrap it up and seal the deal. You’ll get that message in your inbox you’ve been waiting for since you signed up: “I read your profile and you sound fun! I hope to get the chance to find out a little more about you…”

4. Use attention-stealing visuals

If you’re used to “your bed or mine dating” perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the messages you’re putting out there through your pictures. If every guy you go on dates with just wants to hop right into bed with you, perhaps he’s misinterpreted the way you’ve represented yourself online. If all he can find are bikini pictures and snaps of you downing shots with your friends, you may be putting out the vibe that you’re looking for a bit of fun and not a serious commitment.
Good online profiles use strong visuals (that also leave a little to the imagination). Include pictures of you doing some of your favourite activities like a wine pairing evening, running a race or surfing for example. This way you can really showcase who you are through the pictures you put out there, essentially telling your story through pictures. The biggest no-no? Avoid having someone of the opposite sex in your pictures – he may be your brother but a potential match could see him as your ex if he doesn’t know your story.

With those few changes you can’t go wrong and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an online dating pro! It could be worth taking a few minutes to run a Google search to find an online profile example you can use as a template for your own profile.

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